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Tournaments & Rules


Tournament Info

Puerto Rico Qualifier Tournament

Sept Teams: TBD

Sept Singles: TBD

Doors 9am, Start 10am

Registration Dealine: TBD

Location: Eddies Tavern, Round Rock

Requirements: Must have played 8 matches with LSPA  and be in good standing with the league. Players from singles and doubles may only play as an alternate on a team and not as part of the core 5. 

Purpose of the tournament is the help pay for travel, hotel, and entry fees. You are not required to play to enroll in the Prueto Rico State BCAPL Tournament.

LSPA will be adding $? to the pot.

BCAPL Will be adding $500

Payouts will be determined by the number of entries and will be given upon arrival in Puerto Rico

Our intent is the pay for 2.5 teams and 2-3 singles.

After registering you can Venmo, Cash App, or get with your league operator for payment.

Format will be 5 v 5 round-robin style with the away team breaking first round then alternating afterwards. The home team is determined by lagging or a coin toss. If either Team Captain prefers to lag, lagging is mandatory. A coin toss is permitted only if both Team Captains agree.

Team size will be max 8 players. (5 primary & 3 alternates)

You may sign-up and play on multiple teams, but if those two teams compete you will have to sit for that matchup. 

In State you may only play on one team per format. You may play on both one 9-ball team and one 8-ball team only.

Scoring for this tournament will be Fargo handicapped by team, not individual players (however nationals will not as they provide separate division levels for teams).

Single will be handicapped on the Fairmatch system using the "R4/R3" race Chart.

Scoring will be on the BCAPL app. Paper sheets will be provided upon request.

Time outs will not be allowed.

Team shirts are encouraged but not required for this tournament. They will be required for nationals.

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Player Appreciation Tournament 2024

Teams: Sept TBD

Singles: Sept TBD


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