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For New Players Joining LSPA

Have You Played in ANY Pool Leage Before?

Thanks for Joining!

As a PLAYER of the LoneStar PoolPlayers Association, I agree to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. I understand that LSPA is an amature, for fun pool league. Players come in to have fun, relax, and get away from the daily grind. Be respectful!

  2. I will not use abusive language or participate in any form of trash talk or negative cheering. I will promote sportsmanlike conduct, encouraging my team members to cheer positively and shake hands with the opposing players after each game.

  3. I will not allow myself to display anger directed at an opposing player, coach, refferee, teammate or myself. I understand that I may be removed and/or suspended from the venue/league for this type of behavior.

  4. I will not accuse any player of cheating, sand-bagging, or sharking. Instead I will notify a League Operator or Division Rep of suspected bad behavior.

  5. LSPA will respect the decisions of it's hosting venues. Each location may have it's own rules of conduct. (ex. no drinks on table, no jump shots, etc) These rules will take precidence. Any player banned or suspended from a venue will be unable to participate in that division. 

  6. I will play hard but in a safe, kind, and responsible manner. I will not intentionally endanger or make threats to another player in any way.

  7. I will have respect for the venue, tables, equipment, and staff.


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